Gomen …

Hey everyone! We are completely sorry for the inactivity again lately! It’s just that, KB has Summer classes to take now. -_- gay. So I’m spending my mornings doing nothing. But I am watching Memoirs of Bali. It is quite an old drama, but look forward to a review of that drama. Also, I still have an AP English assignment that I need finishing for next year (-_-).  It’s called The Life of Pi, and I’m not even freaking good at math. So I just might fail this assignment… eff. I also miss my friends, and might be hanging with them sometimes. Which also takes away from my blogging time. But I will try and blog more! Once we find things to blog about. There is such a lack of interest of things right now. I think it’s just because I’m lazy though. hahahhaha. gomen. XD  Usually KB and I have a certain interest to blog about during that day, but since she is taking summer classes to help make up for her credits. We don’t talk as much as we normally would during the summer time. We are also struggling to finish Brown Sugar Macchito. So look for a drama review on that as well. Another reason for the blog not being as active is that, I just got a new laptop. And I’m trying to restore all my music and videos back into it. Before they all get copyrighted & removed. -_- So, please understand! However, if I run across some fun old videos, I’ll be sure to share with you all! And I do appreciate those of you who still check in on us. Sorry for the disappointment! There was also a storm last night. That shut out my electricity. So, my internet is being a little off today. -_- Failure. Anyway. Please enjoy this dance cover. ^^ She’s quite amazing.

Yes, it’s a cover of Y – MBLAQ. Because I do love them… XD If you haven’t noticed. LOLOLOLOL. And also speaking of MBLAQ, I got their album the other day!!! And it’s so amazing. I’ll be putting up pictures of it later on. Because some of the pictures on the album aren’t on the internet yet. Which is really sad. Because they are AMAZING! ~~ (:

Credits: xGabasia @ youtube


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