Hidarime Tantei EYE

Hey everyone! Okay, I know we haven’t been blogging over this weekend, well it’s because we were busy, and I hope we didn’t upset you. So forgive us if we are not online because we had other things to do. So now we just got done watching Hidarime Tantei EYE (HTE) the drama and it is really good! Well we watched the Special series, which was the very first episode and well since it got a lot of views. The series became a drama! I’m soo happy for Yamachan, his acting career has really gotten awesome! What’s funny is that Yamachan starred in a lot of dramas relating to detectives and guess what? I’m a big fan of detectives, I love solving mysteries and reading books that relates to mystery. I don’t know why but solving mysteries is really exciting and fun!HTE special Here I’m going to start my lazy brief summary of the Special series of HTE.

Tanaka Ainosuke was born with a weak left eye. Then one day, his older brother Yumehito dies mysteriously, allowing Ainosuke to receive a cornea transplant from him. After the surgery, whenever there is a shock to his left eye he sees strange images. Ainosuke assumes that the images might be clues to his brother’s death and starts an investigation with the help of his junior high school nurse Sayama Hitomi. But just when their probe begins, an unidentified criminal organization appears to disrupt their investigation…

When you watch this drama, PLEASE…WATCH THE SPECIAL SERIES FIRST! The reason? Well if you want to understand the story, so I will tell you this, is to watch this one first okies! It is very good and it will make you want to start solving problems with Ainosuke. hehe Trust me, Abbie and I do this all the time, we watch the drama and we were trying to solve the mystery. It is very true , because some of our theories were correct. I would love to be a detective but I have more interest in the Medic field. Yamachan is a very good actor for detectives so I love him for starring in something I love and have interest in from the past. Abbie and I are great detectives because we correct Yamachan’s theory if it’s wrong but most of the time we just yell our butts off if there is a killing scene. So don’t get us started on that! XD So next we will have our full HTE drama series and another lazy brief summary.

HTE drama

Tanaka Ainosuke, a third-year junior high school student with a strong sense of justice, underwent a cornea transplant of the left eye. However, after that, he receive

d news that his older brother, Yumehito, the donor of that cornea, had died in an accident. Furthermore, Ainosuke was shocked by the images in his left eye which he had never seen be

fore. Deducing that these images were connected to his brother?s death, Ainosuke began to search for the truth surrounding the death of his beloved brother and only immediate family. But as the investigation progressed, Ainosuke discovered that Yumehito?s death had been fake and that he is actually the leader of an evil organization. This sets the stage for a clash

of fate between the two brothers. Ainosuke, the young sleuth armed with a special left eye and Yumehito, the genius criminal who has carried out many criminal plots.

Now this is a continuation of the Special series and it shows you what Ainosuke’s brother is

plotting next after his fake death. I tell you, this drama is very intense! Starting from the first episode, Abbie and I were like screaming our butts off when it got really scary or when things get bad. It is a very worthy drama to watch and you also get to learn things if you have interest in the Law Field. When it got to the magic trick part in some episode, Abbie and I were discussing about our future visit to a Magic show….we would soo y

ell at each other and screaming our butts off  if there is a scene where the magician cut off or stab someone with a knife. It gets worst when we were watching that scene behind the screen. haha 😆 So anyways, when you guys need a drama to watch, just visit us and click on the hyperlinks we provide you okies! (^_^) Well that’s all folks and don’t forget to leave us comments, because we would surely love to read your opinions abou

t our post! Onegaishimasu!

[HTE Special series]

[HTE Drama series]

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D

Credits: dramacrazy.net


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