“Weeeek” on School Kakumei

Hey! Say! JUMP! & the B.I. Shadow boys singing their senpai’s song weeek by NewS! I find it amazingly cute that they are singing this song. Because I am a huge fan of NewS! Tegomassu & Shige ❤ hehe. I had my past obsessions with them. Almost as bad as my MBLAQ obsession now. ^^ Your probably thinking… “I thought KB was the jpop blogger” Well, she fails at everything. So I’m doing it for her! AHAHAHHA. I hope you enjoy this song! And here are the School Kakumei episodes from last week. Stay tuned this Monday to get the new episode. ^^ (if I can locate them. Which I probably can. hopefully. XD)

Part 2/6

Part 3/6

Part 4/6

Part 5/6

Part 6/6 (FINAL)

Man, do I love School Kakumei. I sure have missed my Japanese boys! They seem so inactive. But Hey! Say! JUMP! is doing their second summary tour. And KAT-TUN’s Bakanishi (Akanishi Jin) is in America debuting an album here! ^^ Also the rumors that say he has left KAT-TUN are not true. And to clarify another rumor, he is not dating BoA, they are just friends. Though they would make a very cute couple! Enjoy! ^^


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