Soot Saneha “Recipe for Love” Thai Lakorn Review

Warning: Spoilers

Another Romantic Comedy coming your way! Sorry for the same genre’s lately, it’s just all I’ve been watching. But I assure you, we will get more genre’s in. Since it is summer now, with so much time, and so many dramas to watch. Expect lots of reviews! This Thai Lakorn has one of my favorite couple pairings, Ken Theeradeth & Ann Thongprasom.

I say that this couple is about 98% comedy and 2% romance. They have this little moment, but it is ruined by Ann’s character who is very dense, and not the brightest person. While Ken’s character is very calm, and caring. They both start out not liking each other at first. And when Ken starts to like Ann, she is turning her heart away from him. They experiance many conflicts in this Lakorn, not only their own, but also with their friend’s conflicts. There will also be a sequel to this movie soon, called 165 days of summer? Or something like that. I’m not quite sure. But it’s suppose to have Ken & Ann’s character’s being married. But Ann’s character has a dream, and their marriage goes wrong! LOL, looks like another romantic comedy.

Sorry, no English subs. Freaking Thai people don’t wanna sub nothing! (I have no room to talk, I would if I could. As in I have no idea how people sub things! I know it’s really a difficult process! I give props to everyone who is a subber! Thank you! We really do appreciate it) Anyway, I hope you enjoy anyway, though it is so much more funnier if you understand it fully. :/ If you want, you can give me an episode, and I can translate what happened. Though it might not be as much of a great experience as if you understood all the little parts. Because that is what makes it a romantic comedy! ^^ Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Soot Saneha “Recipe for Love” Thai Lakorn Review

    1. I really like it also!! Ken & Ann are my favorite couple pairing, they also did a sequel to this movie called “365 Days of Love” I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I will soon! ^^

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