Reminiscing about SHINee

shinee hello baby

Hey there everyone! Kay-Bee here! It’s been like two months since Abbie and I watched SHINee Hello Baby. I really loved that show, it’s soo  mega ADORABLE! I love how each members show their silly sides and well the sad part was when they depart from each other. I was like balling my eyes off! Poor Yoogeun had to depart from his appas (dad in Korean)! I think the reason why they had to depart from one another because of the scheduling SHINee has, they are preparing for the next album. I SOOO can’t wait for them! Here I am reminiscing about them, you can say I’m majorly obsess with them right now.  So I’ll start my ranting now!

Alright my opinion about SHINee in this show, I immediately started loving them! I love how the baby looks like my man. 😉 Of course Yoogeun is my son after all ahaha. 😆 I never thought Minho would turn into the loudest dude out of the group. I love how he is opening up more and more. I also notice Abbie start loving Jonghyun even more because I remember we both use to hate him but he is really sweet and funny in this show. Well as you can say don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Onew is really afraid of holding Yoogeun at first, because he’s afraid to hurt they baby if he holds him. The reason why he was traumatized was because he accidentally dropped a puppy and so he’s afraid the same thing might happen to Yoogeun if he started holding him. So later on Onew became close to Yoogeun and he tried his best and guess what? He finally hold on to Yoogeun. I knew he can do it, because he does not give up . Way to go leader and oppa! haha My favorite part of the show is when SHINee started cooking food for Yoogeun, and my Minho was making a sandwhich with mayonnaise (which is my favorite) all of a sudden Key stole Minho’s idea and so that was a dirty moved there. (-_-) Jonghyun also played dirty by buying the food. 😆 Yeah he would, of course Abbie’s man always play dirty. So Taemin was making fruits salad and Onew was actually cooking healthy food for Yoogeun. Well there is more to explain but I don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys! So I’ll post a video of episode 1, just to let you take a glimpse of it. I hope you guys enjoy it! Also the video below is a nostalgic video of SHINee when they first debut as a group, I swear I love them even more! 😀 So I hope they come back with a comeback album! SHINee hwaiting! 😉

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D

CREDITS: sfineee, YDforever – Youtube


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