katncandix2 – Zai Jian Wang Ji “MV Released!”

This song is so cute, it has a sad feeling to it. And the music video has such a nice feel to it I love all the photography it gives it more of a sorrowful mood. katncandix2 is such a cute group! I love how her hair reminds me of my baby sister; Phynix’s hair, it must be a very popular trend in Asia, “The Bowl Cut” ahhaah!! And man, the guy in the glasses…. hellow! (;

katncandix2 is made up of a boy and a girl, the stuff fairy tales are made of. The indie duo began on the streets of Taipei, and after the debut EP 2375 and the full-length album Xiao Fei Xing, they have found the critical support and a firm fanbase to carry on into their fourth year. Sheng Zhe (guitarist/composer/producer) and Xiao Qiu (vocalist/lyricist) tell more stories about growth and being young in their 2010 new album, with folk-flavored songs such as the titular first single “Goodbye Prince”, “Nice Day”, “How Should I Put It?”, and “The Traveler Who Cannot Return”.

katncandix2’s tracklist

01. 好日子
02. 貳拾貳
03. 怎麼說呢?
04. 馬戲團公約
05. Shall we HOPE
06. 有禮的謊
07. 再見王子(首波成長推薦)
08. 變成你們喜歡的我
09. 時空膠囊
10. 追憶逝水年華
11. 回不去的旅人

Credit: asiaholicCpopTV @ youtube


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