SNSD & 2PM Cabi Song MV released!

YEAH! SO SEXY!!2PM is looking so delicious!! Ahh, 2pm and SNSD is so cute together. They make such cute parirings! ^^ It’s a bit disturbing though to see SNSD’s body everywhere.. LOL mostly because I’m not a lesbo. XD Oh, and FINALLY! Today was my last day of school! I was running down the halls yelling “YEAH BITCH! WE’RE FINALLY OUT OF THIS SHITHOLE!!!” not even kidding. LOL, of course I’ll miss my friends. But it’s no big deal I’ll see them during the summer time. If their important enough. XD So now, the official non-stop blogging comes!! Oh, and we recently just reached our highest views, with 67 views as of today! Thank you SOOO MUCH! and 418 hits? Thank you!! Words can’t even explain how excited I am to start blogging! Hehe! I truly cannot thank you guys enough! It really motivates me, knowing people are reading our blog!


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