Photospam : MBLAQ

It’s time for our very first photospam! What’s a photospam? Well, exactly what it sounds like. A whole bunch of photos , and my thoughts of the photo. I hope you enjoy them! ^^


This group photo, I LOVE. MBLAQ is one of the boygroups with the natural cuteness, and of course LOOK AT THEIR SMILES. Don’t they just make you want to melt? (: I love how all their hair is nice and straight. How I’m jealous. I only wish my hair was as straight, and silky as theirs. And the colors of their shirts go together nicely. (: The hats I find a bit odd. LOL, except the one Joonie is wearing, that’ a bit normal. I love this pose also, it’s nice and uniform, but they make it look casual. (: I just wish I could join thier little train also! I also love that their all wearing something on their wrists. It may seem gay to some of you. But not to me. (: I think it’s incredibly sexy.

LOL, this picture makes me laugh. Their all soccer devils? But fighting for Korea? hahaha. And of course Joonie would be the one with the random outburst. -_- G.O looks very spastic in this picture, but it just adds to his incredibly cute boyish looks. And Seungho is looking cute, I absolutely love his smile. And of course I have a feeling KB is going to kill me for this… Thunder’s fighting pose, and his estatic facial expression. Makes him look so much younger than he already looks! Also look at Mir. Of course he’s the maknae, he would be looking like a freak. This photo sure does bring out Mir’s true personality as “the weird one” LOL, it reminds me so much of the little MBLAQ variety shows. But man, do you still have to love him! I’m loving the red color coordination too! It’s like a family photo! And those always turn out interesting. XD Man now I remember why I fell so deeply in love with MBLAQ, because they are major losers! XD

Speaking of major losers. Look at KB’s guys! Mir in his mega nerdy glasses. Seungho and 1/2 of Thunder. (I own the other half of him) this picture is a bit humorous in a couple of ways. Well one because Thunder and Seungho are looking at each other laughing, and Mir is like totally left out of the inside joke! HAHA! Another reason is because everyone seems to be denying the fact that Mir is there. He’s so weird. LOL, but man does he add a great deal of personality to MBLAQ, and you gotta love that about Mir, he is also extremely cute! ^^ Especially in MBLAQ, his eyes are absolutely to DIE for. Seungho and Thunder look so asian. With their squinty eyes and huge smiles. But hey… they are Korean, who can blame them? Because Asians are obviously THE BEST! Am I right? Pshh, I know I am. (: This picture is so dorky. But I love it, even though only 1/2 of my man is in it. XD

This picture is one of my favorites…. you wanna know why? Why don’t you take a look yourself it’s pretty self-explanitory! Of course Joonie would be the one to have the shirt lifting picture. But hey… who’s blaming him! Look at those nice defined abs! I just want to throw him off a mountain he’s so sexy!! The only reason why this isn’t my favorite picture, is because I can barely see his gorgeous face. ): The shadow from his hair in covering everything!! Ahh, I sure did miss MBLAQ, not seeing my Joonie made me fall more in love with Jonghyun and I started to loose feelings for Joonie a little bit. Then I saw these pictures, and all my love came back. That is the true impact of me and Joonie’s love! (well mostly mine… but you get the idea pfff, fangirls these days!) I also love how Lee Joon is acting like its completely casual to lift up your shirts. It’s like saying “Yo, wassup it’s getting a little hot in here, so I’m just going to take off all my clothes, I hope you don’t mind!” Well I don’t mind at all! In fact, I highly suggest that you take your clothes off. Feel completely free. And man do I sound like a major pervert. LOL, but it’s not my fault he’ my husband.

Now, HERE is my favorite photo! Because I see my darling’s face, and his muscles are showing. (: hehehehe. I also love how he wears his hats. It’s the old fashioned way, but at least he’s rocking it! And his shirt, the tanktop/t-shirt thing, is completely stylish! Whoever was in charge of this photoshoot… props to them! The design is cool too, it’s a very vintage type design. It kind of reminds me of the beetles. LOL. And his necklace is also a great accessory to go with this outfit. I think guys with style are completely sexy. (: But of course not TOO stylish because then I would think that they are gay. And that does not flow well with me… :/ His studded belt gives an even edgier/rock side to this outfit. Which is exactly the style that I like. Because I, myself have a studed belt. And it makes me feel like a bad ass whenever I wear it… because I’m obviously a bad ass right? XD Joonie also looks very happy in this photo for some reason… he must be day dreaming about me… yep that’s it. He missed me during his photoshoot, then he had a sudden flashback of our wedding. So he smiled like that. I love you and I miss you too Joonie. Soon we will be able to re-unite…. (HAHAHA, I only wish.)

~GIVE IT TO MY Y—, LISTEN TO MY Y— (: this song just played all of a sudden. LOL I thought I would add it in, since I am writing about an MBLAQ photoshoot. It’s funny how the right songs pop up at the right times. Isn’t it? Maybe it’s destiny? LOL, I don’t know what for, but hey. It’s never bad to hope right?

Now, here is my other favorite picture. (Notice how every joonie picture is my favorite? No I’m not a creeper. hehehe, okay. maybe just a little.) I love this picture mostly because of the hip hop style that Joonie is wearing. How his hat is tilted to the side, and the different color coordination on it. Mega hip hop! And his facial expression cracks me up! He looks so surprised or blank. I don’t even know how he looks! LOL, and his vintage shirt! So sexy. I have a thing for vintage styled everything. (if you haven’t noticed my myspace page is decked out with vintage stuff) (: It looks like his muscles on the right side are going to rip the shirt. LOL! What a beast. I totally want me some of that! I swear Joonie has the most delicious looking lips… it’ looks like a hot dog. But not just any hot dog… a yummy hot dog! I would totally be all over him. LOL, not really if I actually met joonie in real life… I probably would die from a heart attack. Not even joking. I act like a complete weirdo towards him, but if I knew him in real life I would be peeing myself all the time! Just ask KB, she knows about my obsession with peeing on people. LOL, just kidding that be extremely weird. And nasty why would you want to walk around in your own pee all day? Gross.Joonie’s wristbands are so cute, brown and white<3. hahah, and his studed belt again! But this one is different than the one before. I think I like the one before better. Dude, Joonie is so skinny. I’m jealous. -_- Ah, well at least he has muscles and isn’t all bone. Then we would be having some major problems.

But since I am too lazy to type more about the pictures. Since there are about 10,000 more. Just enjoy viewing them yourself! ^^ Thanks for reading this far!


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