Current Obsession : SHINee

KB & I’s current obsession is SHINee, you got it. I feel like I’m totally cheating on Lee Joon. Thanks to Kb, I’m like totally obsessed with Jonghyun. -_- I’m sorry Lee Joonie I did not mean to cheat on you! I’m SORRY! After watching “Hello Baby” I totally fell in love with them! I never liked them this much before. Well, I always loved their songs, but I like hated them. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know why exactly. XD But now, I love them so unconditionally!  Now and forever! Oppa neo-muh muht-jjuhh. I love how young they are! Because I can marry TAEMIN! ahahahhahah, XD I seem like a creeper saying this. But I love them. Taemin, Jonghyun, & Key Oppa’s. Nulsaranghae! SHINee fighting! Please release a new album soon! ^^

~ Abbie

Hello there everyone! Kay-Bee here! 😀 Okay okay so I’m obsess with SHINee right now and it’s like a bad disease! lol I spread it to Abbiedear and it became contagious to her. hehe When SHINee first came out, I didn’t like them but I did like Minho. 😆 He seemed like the quiet type and he actually was. So when I’ve watched Hello Baby, I was really surprise when Minho became the loudest of all the members. It’s a side you don’t see from Minho either! I’m very happy that Minho is opening up and also Taemin elect as the loudest member in the dormitory.  haha That’s my Minho alright. 😉 It’s funny how back then, Abbiedear said she hated SHINee but love their songs. I remember Abbie and I use to bash on Jonghyun and Key, but that’s because we didn’t knSHINee Hello Babyow them at first. Also my other friends, Thao and Virgenie did not like them too until they watched Hello Baby too. So now everyone is obsess with SHINee! I love SHINee Hello baby too! I miss Yoogeun! Hello Baby showed many SHINee members characteristics and it also showed us how we should not bash on the Jonghyun and Key anymore. XD Funny thing Abbie took all the guys except for Minho and Onew but I only have one favorite and that is myMinho lovely prince Minho! 😀 He is my most cutest manly guy ever! hehe I love his rap and his smile. His smile makes me melt and funny thing my mom thinks I have the same eyes as Minho, because they are big! He is the cutest guy I have ever seen! Funny thing for my ideal guy, I like guys who are competitive, good at sports, has a great smile, good with children, and knows how to cook! Wow,  it’s funny how I found my destined one! Minho is like my Yamachan but much taller, but the funny thing is that Minho is 1 year older than me and Yamachan is 1 year younger than me. So it’s all good, I have my Korean boy and Japanese boy. So currently I’m obsess with this guy! hehe 😉 So yea if you guys don’t know who SHINee is or don’t like them at first, GIVE THEM A CHANCE! They are worth your time and they will steal your hearts away because of they are youngest group that ever debut in 2008 and also they are the most innocent boys you have ever seen! The song that has a very old school beat and is very cute is called “Replay” and I guarantee you that this song is for you ladies who are born before December 14, 1989 – July 18, 1993 (SHINee member’s b-day’s altogether). 😉 I’m only Taemin’s Noona since I was born in 1992. ahaha Abbie just calls them oppas cuz she ain’ t a noona to anyone in this group or in what ever groups. 😀 hehe Sorry Abbie dear, just stating the truth. 😆 So anyways that’s all my rant for SHINee and I hope you enjoy this song by them!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D

CREDITS: adilahFX – Youtube


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