Tell Me Goodbye – BIG BANG Official MV was released today. Sorry, I didn’t update you all on this… I just found out they came back today. LOL! When I saw the MV I was so shocked! But it really is a great song. It depresses me. WHY DOES MY MAN HAVE TO DIE?! omg, and Taeyang’s piano at the end. ahhh, perfect. It’s like Big Bang has been leading up to this moement! And Daesung’s vocals… amazing as always. Seungri is looking the same as usual, which is good for KB, lol but when he holds up the gun… man that does not seem like him. But man… what is up with GD pouring alcohol everwhere?! it saddens me. XD I’m sure Big Bang had a lot of fun making this video. And I sure did have fun watching it. Big Bang … Fighting

Download: Mediafire


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