Lakorns for the Soul

Hey fellow Lakorn lover’s out there! Are you looking for a new Lakorn? But don’t know where to look? Well, look no further! Cause Kaybabie is the place to be! XD Okay, now that I’m done with that cheesy opening… lol. I know that it really is hard to find new Lakorns especially if you don’t live any Thai, or Lao stores. So, thats why I’m here. And I don’t know about you, but I really hate watching things off of youtube, unless it really is necessary…. -_- And unfortunately all the Lakorns are on youtube. It’s better than nothing tough, right? lol, and if you need English subs, I’m sorry but I don’t think all of these have subs. X) but if it’s really necessary I will try and sub a drama for you… all you need to do is ask. (and I also need to learn how to use the software and time it right, if anyone wants to feel free and explain to me. I’m a slow learner so it may take some time… XD)

Here is Wiwa Wawoon, one of my favorite Thai actors is in it! KENN! hehehe. I hope you love it, I haven’t had the time to watch Lakorns lately. -_-

Jong Kol King Tien, not sure what it’s about, but it’s new. by the way, these are all just the first episodes. X) They are still new, so the lakorns are still coming out, so be aware of that. ^^  & also, it shouldn’t be hard to find the next video, it will just be in the sidebar, usually the first or second video, just make sure to read it. ^^

– Kuey Bann Nok

came out not too long ago, still 2010, I believe it’s finished. ^^

– Ngao Ruk Luang Jai

Very new, episodes still coming out. My friends Virgenie & Thao are like raping me to watch this. XD So this one I will be watching. It’s also english subbed. So have fun! ^^


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