Rain gets nominated for an MTV Award

Good news, Korea’s top export Rain and one of Asia’s most recognizable stars is now to first Korean star to be nominated for an MTV Movie Award. It was announced by J.Tune Entertainment on May 10th that Rains nomination for his role “Ninja Assassin” will pit starts such as Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt for the category “Badass Star”. The award isn’t as prestigious as the Academy awards but is said to be influenced heavily by the younger pop generation and is best known to have various unique categories such as Best Kiss and Best fight. Voting is schedule to begin on May 13 with the awards taking pace on June 6th in Los Angeles.

As a fan of Rain and the movie “Ninja Assassin” I will be trying to vote as many times as I can, too bad I can’t go to Califronia and actually be in the same place as him….. or can I? Since my Aunt does live there… but then again I have many things to attend to in the month of June, so it is quite an impossibility. But maybe you can go and check it out! I mean it’s RAIN, BI RAIN. One of the most amazing people in Asia, and soon to be the United States!! How I am so proud that he has come so far! Rain Fighting!

Vote here.

Credits: MTV, & Total Kpop


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