Wonder Girls comeback!

With their album “2 Different Tears” practically a couple days away, the wonder girls release their MV teaser! But man, do I really miss Sunmi. :/ Hopefully her studies will be over soon, and she becomes very successful in her studies as well as in her music career. As for the girl replacing her in the meantime. I really don’t like her. I mean I have nothing against her. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her. I just don’t like her. :/ Why do they need a replacement? Sunmi won’t be gone for very long! Oh well, here’s their MV teaser of “2 Different Tears” I really enjoyed it. The music is a lot different, and I’m not sure if I’m use to seeing the Wonder Girls with this new image yet. hehehe, we’ll just wait and see shall we? ^^


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