Hey! Say! JUMP! Q&A

Q1. Would you held a party to celebrate 3rd year debut anniversary?

Keito: It’s still a half year again to celebrate

Ryuutaro: It not necessary to make a party!

Yuuto: But, JUMP’s 3rd year anniversary is just once time in our life

Yabu: I want to share memories with everyone. At the time when Yuuto and Yamachan was fighting.

Daiki: It was interesting~ (laugh)

Yuuto: It’s youth~ (laugh)

Takaki: It would be excited if we can eat together

Hikaru: It seems joyful if members who make the cuisine

Takaki: You must be joking!

Hikaru: I’m sure 80%. Yamada can make it seriously, right?

Yamada: I can cook! But I want to party with 10 members!

Q2. If Golden Week, the member who you want to accompany you?

Hikaru: I want to do a trip

Takaki: Even though in the middle of the concert?

Yamada: It just ‘if’!

Yabu: It seems happy if BEST can do a trip

Yuuto: I want to get passenger’s seat in Yabu’s car!

Hikaru: Because 7 has likes and dislikes food, it’s a bit annoyed (laugh)

Daiki: I think 5 people are exactly good number of people. It would be tired if hang out with 10 people. Maybe we can go with 7 in another time.

Chinen: Well, Kyuushu (note: one of southern island in Japan) hot spring is good

Daiki: Everyone wants a trip

Yamada: I want to go to Okinawa

Inoo: It’s good. What if we go to Okinawa then?

Ryuutaro: Sea!

Inoo: Sookisoba! (note: Okinawan traditional soba)

Yamada: Shiishaa (laugh)! (note: Okinawan lion statues, used as talisman against evil)

Q3. If there’s a time machine, which time in the past that you want to come back?

Takaki: There isn’t time machine~ (laugh). Well, maybe I want to come back to the times when I was in elementary school

Hikaru: Me too. I am really hate cat, but I can face it calmly until I was in first grade of junior high school

Daiki: I want to come back to the times when we did live broadcasting [HEY!HEY!HEY] for the first time, I want to being careful with my temper when the self introduction part.

Yabu: I want to back to the moment when we perform in Boy Volleyball Olympic 2008

Inoo : The excitement at that time is really great

Q4. If you have 3 days to changes place with other members, who’s that member?

Takaki: Yuuto. He seems so struggle with his utmost strength to drum….But I think 10 minutes is already enough (laugh)

Daiki: Maybe Keito. He can understand the lyrics of western songs that he hears, he can call his Papa, (Okamoto) Kenichi-san to teach him guitar well…there are still various things.

Keito: Chinen! Chinen’s gaze gives people happiness.

Yamada: I want to become Chinen too, I want to do acrobat for 3 days.

Inoo: Of course Chinen! I want to feel the feeling when I turn to become small

Chinen: I want to become Ryutaro. It’s favourite thing to become the youngest member, right?

Yuuto: Chinen is still under age too, right?

Ryutaro: I want to become Hikaru-kun. I want to be able give the good idea for arrange the concert too (laugh).

Yabu: Maybe Inoo Kei. I want to become university’s student.

Yuuto: Me. Be myself is good!

Q5. JUMP’s 10 years anniversary?

Keito: I’m still can’t imagine…

Chinen: Maybe we can be like Arashi now?

Yuuto: without hesitation, if it’s like that, it would be good

Takaki: I’m still want to be young. Moreover, at that time, I am near with 30 years old.

Hikaru: In 10 years anniversary, we are still in under 30. Cool, it’s still a long way to go in life!

Yabu: 27 years old, we started this at 17 years old (laugh)!

Yamada: But before that, let’s conquest a whole country!

Ryutaro: Of course, I want to do that

Yamada: We need more physical strength inside (laugh)

Daiki: I want my name and my face/body become match. (note: there’s kanji “dai (big)” in his name, so maybe 10 years again, he wants his body become big..XD)

Keito: Every person in JUMP become fame individually

Chinen: I want to do TV program with full members!

Takaki: But even though 10 years later, JUMP still can’t be calm down. I think it would be still ‘kyakya’ (note: scream, noisy).

Credit: Hey! Say! JUMP! Fanpage on Facebook


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