Official MBLAQ Album Teaser!

OH MY FREAKING GAWD. This comeback is defiantly going to kill me. DID YOU SEE LEE JOON AND G.O?! HOLY SHIET. How sexy, and the up beat song, and technicolor, and like an outer space feeling. Something very different from Mblaq’s former album. I wonder how it’s actually going to turn out. But it’s Mblaq, so of course there’s going to be some sexiness, and hardcore dancing moves somewhere in it. Now, on their individual evalutaions. Wow, Thunder is even looking a lot sexier, I thought he was the maknae, but now he is just looking like his own sexy self. Lee Joon, with his naked self in the shower… all I can say is, “May I join?” G.O. YESS YOU FINALLY GOT RID OF THE MEXICAN LOOKING MUSTACHE! I still loved you with it, and I love how everyone is falling for you now…. -_- … not.  Me and KB have decided to share him now. He deserves some loving too! And Mir, and Seungho’s hair is looking mighty fione! I love how all their hair is nice and straight, and no wacko perm jobs going on. Good job Rain, good job. (:

I also love how their first album was about falling in love, and dreaming, and now it’s about breaking up? Is Joonie trying to send me a subtle message? That just because we are nine years apart it’s not going to work out?!?!?!? Oh my, I can hardly breath!!! ….. HAHAHA who am I kidding?! He loves me! pffttt. (:

Picture credit: sookyeong

Video credit: Someone on Youtube


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