SUJU MV comeback! Bonamana!

Super Junior is back! But, with only ten member’s… I know so sad… so sad. But why? Kibum, Hankyung, & KangIn… FIGHTING! Hankyung… you will be missed by your fellow members and your beloved fans! (more of this subject here : You will always be in our hearts and memories. Kibum, good luck with your acting! and KangIn… good luck in the army I hope that you will learn much self-discipline while in the army!

As for the song, I really do love it. But it is extremely sad that Super Junior just won’t be whole again… I love the dark feel to the music video and shin dong’s sexy fowhawk? XD And the beat is amazingg!!! Bonamna means beautiful, so I’m pretty sure they wrote this song for me again! (: (only in my dreams)

~ Abbie


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