People will come and go….

You know, we all have that friend…. who is not really our friend. In this case it is NOT the person on the side here. We do not actually post pictures of the people that we hate. We as in KB and I. Yes, even KB hates this person. The name? Well is private, but it rhymes with Mikey Vu.  Let’s just say… he use to be a good friend of ours, and now he has got obsessed with being “cool” and “popular”….. When he has no friends. HAHAHAHAH, what a little sh*t.  Anyways, he is so annoying sometimes, if I wasn’t so nice I would have made vandalized his picture. What a ugly little hoe. If he wasn’t so conceided, like he is now then we could still be friends. And he is like a major asian music noob. And always bashes on MBLAQ, B2ST, & DBSK. But a month later he will listen to their songs and be like “Oh, I like them now” WELL, WE SHOWED YOU THIS MUSIC VIDEO LIKE 10,000 YEARS AGO! Freaking wanna be. Can’t get like us, the sad thing is…. he actually thinks he’s cool and people like him. HAHAHHAHAHAHA what a little f*ck. The sad thing is…. He’s older than me and he gets offended when I call him an asswipe. What a pussy. That’s my rant of the day. I hope you guys don’t have to deal with someone like him. If you do… go ahead and leave a comment, and we can share our hatred, or some creepy stories about them. Oh, and on a side  note, I think this little effer’s birthday is today. Turning 17? and Still doesn’t have a license. How pathetic.


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