Hai, hai. So we are a day late. WHAT’S YOUR POINT, HUH? WE HAVE LIVES YOU KNOW! Well, yamachan!!! Congratulations on the turning of agee. (; May 9. brahh. LOL, just kidding. He’s seventeen. Which still makes KB a pedophile since she is like all up on him all the time. XD Let’s think about how far he’s come to get here, first Hey! Say! Jump! and his dramas, Tantei Gakuen Q, & his newest one Hidarime Tantei Eye, or something like that. Which I do highly recommened watching, me and KB are currently trying to finish 10,000 things at once. And that drama is one of themm. AND OUUU WEEE, is Yamachan lookingg fionee.. (no kb, I am not checking out your man…) Let’s all become like Yamachan, living out our dreams to the fullest, and still having fun! That is one of the many things I really envy of Yamachan. Even though Yuto is my man. XD lol, I am also very envious that Yamachan is seventeen, and STILL looks so young! Oh how I wish to look young, I’m a fourteen year old that gets mistaken for an eighteen year old. I feel like an old lady. Now enough of me being a retard. Let’s actually get to celebrating him, and wishing him a very happy birhtday ne? Otanjoubi Omedetou ~


~ Abbie


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