SHIDA! It’s your seventeenth birthday also!! (and yes, its actually today, I’m risking not doing my homework for the sake of you reading this, actually it’s quite okay, since I never do my homework anyway) What is up with everyone turning seventeen? Am I just a weirdo, or what? Shida is a great inspiration for all teenage girls out there. Why? Well, have you seen one of her dramas? The way she portrays herself, she’s not one of those whiny babies. She always deals with her problems and tries to find the solution herself! She really is amazing and one of my idols. Not to mention that her and Yamachan both go to the same school, their birhtdays are a day apart and the fact they both starred in the Tantei Gakuen Q together! I mean what a great hollywood couple, am I right?!

~ Abbie


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