Oh yeahh, oh yeahh ~

OMANA! O: Is that MBLEAST I SEE?! I think so, what’s with the random MBLAQ post? Well, first of all, Their comeback is THIS MONTH! ON THE 18TH! And if you know me at all, you will know that my husband is Lee Joon. (: So this is why, and KB and I are also extremely slow and just found their “Oh Yeah” Japanese version, we are complete failures, we are also watching their japanese Documentary, and mannn, they are looking fionnee. And sadly …. G.O. still has his gross looking mustache. Sigh. :. I know your probably wondering… “why is abbie posting up all of this?” Kb is a failure and is doing her homework. And there is extremely bad weather here! Good Part: No school tomorrow, hopefully. Bad Part: Summer is in a week, so this better go by fastt! SHOOOT. Enough of my random babbling. Let’s get to the sexyness. (;

Man, I love this JUST AS MUCH as the Korean version. I actually didn’t like MBLAQ very long, started liking them probably in December after Ninja Assassin came out. And I have always heard about them, but I was too obsessed with B2ST to even care. LOL, so finally when my beast obsession came to a minimum I decided to check them out. So i looked their music video “Oh Yeah” and showed KB, and I was like man… what failures, their ugly as shit! Then I watched the rest of it, and i was like OHHH SNAPSSS, I SEE ME SOME SEXY BEASTSSS!!! (Mir & Lee Joon) and I would always say, “the rest can go die” and it turns out that I love all of them now. Gomen ne. Forgive me, my loves. XD

“Your my last loveee, you are the love of my lifeee, your my lastt loveee…..” Man, man MAANNNNN, is Lee Joon lookign Hella sexy?! Or is it just me?! I mean the picture comeback was worring me a bit, but now, after seeing this video. It’s all good again. (: AHH, I love how they G.O, and Lee Joonie wrote this song thinking of me in mind. Less than three….. less than threee. ❤

~ Abbie


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