Kay-Bee’s CPU issue….

Ah ohisashiburi dane? (it’s been a while hasn’t it?)…. looks like we haven’t been on this blog for a long time, because of CPU issues and lack of getting. (-_-) Funny thing I got my laptop fixed two Tuesday ago and got it back on last Tuesday, after 3 days later my CPU became homo. Viruses are annoying pest!! I’ve been suffering a lot and would not imagine a world without CPU can be like this, but I can live. Well Abbie have suffered the most, because hers has been 1 whole month or so. For me, I do not know when I will get mine fixed or even have the money to fix it again!!! $112.88 my ass! Some work of fixing that is!! Alls can hope to get CPU next month or next year. For me I need a CPU for school purposes but come to think of it my CPU is 5 years old and it last long until now and I want to get it fixed so I can use it for the rest of high school. I know I’m gonna work hard for the money if I have a job, to save up to buy another laptop for college.

Anyways since I let all my CPU feelins out, I’m going to spend time talking about my new love of an old group whom I’m way behind on is 2PM. *sweat drop* Yes, AC and Abbiedear showed and introduced them to me over the summer but I lack of checking them out. So my Asian Connection friends became very obsessed with 2PM. So they wanted me to check 2PM out and so I gave it a try. Guess what? I now know why so many people are so obsessed with 2PM. I started checking them out during X-Mas break, and it took me 4 days to learn their names. Trust me, it was pretty pathetic getting them mixed up. What made it easier learning their names is watching their show “Wild Bunny” it helped me a lot and is the reason I LOVE them even more! XP So those who do not know 2PM is, you should really check them out!! They are idols you will love not just their BEASTLY bodies, but their major cuteness. Also don’t forget about their acrobatic unique dance moves and different talents. Most of all I love their silliness towards each other, it’s so epic and hilarious. What makes them different from toher idols three people are from the states. coming from the states is not the only thing that is amazing, but one of them did not think of becoming and idol himself. The one member himself is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul and yes my love too. ;D He is Thai and 8th generation Chinese like Abbiedear ❤ Hmm maybe that is the reason why I love them both, because Nichkun was born in the U.S, moved to Thailand when he was 2 years old and came back to the U.S to go to high school. He went to a Korean Concert with his friends (which was Rain’s concert), and was scouted by JYP. Nichkhun did not have any talent in singing and dancing but he knows how to play the piano. What amazes me even more, Nichkun is Thai but could not speak Korean al all of course but now he has improved a lot. Nichkhun has now became my inspiration in life.

Like I said, ME AND ABBIE will acomplished our goals and make our DREAMS come true!

Whew! Well that’s all folks!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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