I’m A Simmer! //abbie’s aspects

Hello all! It’s been a while. Still no laptop for me. :/ However, I am using my brother’s laptop, which is quite ghey. I wanted to wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year & Valentines, Hope you all got to go out. I, however did not because, i guess it’s horrible to go out on Valentines when it’s Chinese new year. :/ However, while I am still unable to surf the web in my free time. I didn’t want to blog much, because I felt as if, that if i blogged, then I will keep having to blog, MORE and More and more. and i didn’t want to let anyone down. :/ so in the meantime I’ve been playing Sim’s 3. It’s so fun!!! I love it, I’m ready to get the World Adventures one. Hopefully I get my laptop soon, and someone will buy me The world adventures for my bithday, which is coming up soon. (April 22) hehehe! I loveee it. Be prepared to see more blogs about The Sims! As well as your favorite news also. hehehe. – Stay Beautiful.

~ Abbie ❤


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