Abbie & KB’s 1st; 011709 | “It’s been a year …”

It’s been a year since KB and I have met ! We really have been through a lot this past year. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year. Here are our views on how everything went, from the very first day we met, to today. enjoy . X)

abbie’s perspective ;

totally obsessed with this song at the moment, because adult swim took deathnote off the anime night !!! epic fail! FML! but yeah :33 hahaha, just some music while you read this. I guess? idk. X)

KB ! When i first met you, I thought you were weird, like not like i think you are now . but like WEIRD , like idk how to explain, but I’ll try. I thought you were the quite type, who sat in corners by themselves with nothing better to do, then i figured out that was true. XD hahahhaha ! your prolly like “DAMN HOE!” or “THIS CHICK!” right now. lol but I still luhh yewww ! Also, you were like obsessed with Seungri, he was your default picture, then you started using real pictures of youself! We were so young back then… lol i remember the only thing we did together was kpop. and now here we are running a blog site together , watching dramas together , discussing other genre’s of music , pissing people off on poker, enjoying youtube videos together. From when I first met you, i would have never seen us here , like we are now. (wow , this makes us sound like a heller old couple ) We have been through a lot this year … Mikey’s bullshit , AC PMSING because you got me into jpop. You telling me false infromation. WHICH I DO NOT APPRECIATE! Introducing me to all these boy bands, all my obsessions start with you… wow ironic isn’t it? HAHAHA! Then we found Koizora, the drama that changer our lives. hahah, in a way. XD ahh, the good ol’ days when we could be so careless,and get on everyday, it was so simple back then! We’re all grown up . (in a way) BUT , KB, we still have college!! Just hopefully we can both go to _U. hahah. Honestly though, if I haven’t met you, my life would not be the same as it is today. I’d prolly still be like IN LOVE with white guys. And I’d prolly be a better person ! HAHAH just kidding. I think you have made me a better person, I’m a lot more mature now, AND IM STILL PRETTY IMMATURE ! hahaha, but watching dramas with you, Shida has inspired me, and the things that i’m into today, I would have never found without you. SO really, you have changed my life for the better ! I remember the anime’s again, you brought Inuyasha back into my life. We piss people off on Gaia, and finding our inspirations, and our pathetic dancing to abracadabra – BEG HAHAHA!. We also just recently got super obsessed with MBLAQ, 2PM, and BEAST. Well, i been obsesesed with 2PM and BEAST, this damn hoe is slow! :3 There’s so much we’ve been through, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year. I fell like i’ve known you forever! Then we find out that we use to play with each other when we were little! and your cousin and I went to the same elementary school , truth is, it’s destiny that we are meant to be frands ! As I type thse words, the memories are coming back so fast! BI BI BICYLCE. yeah i had to add that. I can see almost all our conversations we’ve ever had now!:3 ahh, I can’t think of nothing else. XD but I will say, that this has been a great one year! and I’m looking forward for many more to come! Happy Anniverssary deariee ! nulsaranghae , ~ abbie

Kay-Bee’s perspective :

Once upon a time on January 17th, 2009, there was a chick name Kristina. She was an Asian chick who does nothing but Anime. Of course an “Anime Freak” as you can say. Kristina finally come to realize that K-pop was a new thing to her, and then she found something in common with Ampom. Both of these kids love K-pop and was very influenced by it, they did nothing but talked about K-pop and how it’s soo different from American music. Kristina came to realize that she and Ampom should spread the love of K-pop to everyone. Both Kristina and Ampom have speech class together and wrote every subject on K-pop. For example, Big Bang; Wonder Girls; Girl’s Generations; and etc. This was how much they were obsessed with Korean music. Kristina’s first artist from K-pop was Big Bang, her first song that she fell in love with was, “Lies Orchestra version”. The first time Kristina listen to Korean music, she was so obsessed with the song, the funny thing she thought it was Taiwan music which it was not.

After Ampom told Kristina about his cousin who likes K-pop, Kristina was very surprised and she was nervous to meet a new friend. Then again Kristina was never a social person on the net, she was mostly on the cpu doing Anime stuff and the only person she talk to was Amy, Nicole, and Ampom. On that day on January 17th, 2009, Ampom introduce Abbie to Kristina. At first Kristina was like, “Oh boy, now what do I say to this girl?” All the trio did was talk about was K-pop and it was just a simple conversation. As months go by, Ampom, Kristina, and Abbie came up with nicknames. Kristina has many nicknames from her other friends but the one that Ampom and Abbie came up was very simple. The name they came up with is her initials, which is “KB”. Kristina thought it was a great nickname so she decided to use that name from now on, well not just only KB, Ampom’s nickname was AC, which is his initials too. Ampom’s Laos name is Davin so Abbie is used to calling him that, KB use to call him Davin, but since a lot of people call him Ampom so she calls him that. Ac is either AC/DC haha funny story. Abbie does not have a nickname until KB came up with it and it’s Abbie dear which in Japanese is Abbie chan. KB thought Abbie dear is better and cute. As more months go buy the trio keeps getting closer and closer. Suddenly the trio came up with new phrases of words that is overly used many times. The words were “homo”, “my ass”, “damn hoe”, and etc. It is all thanks to AC, he came up with the phrases of words! KB and Abbie dear came up with some new words too. KB influenced Abbie into J-pop and more Anime. Well that time AC was PMS-ing and Mikey Bitching! “I don’t know why but it was funny.” KB and Abbie dear watched many dramas together and it was a very memorable time for them. KB uses a lot of words like “Damn hoe!” or “This chick!” and yes Abbie dear calls KB , “YOU DUMB SHID!”. KB and Abbie dear has a very hateful relationship but it’s a very opposite of what you think. KB and Abbie are happily married and that can never separate. Both of the two girls have the same dreams, thanks to KB. Their dream is to go to Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. When it comes it Asian guys in those countries that is their weakness. Their current obsession is MBLAQ, B2ST, and 2PM. That very dream they have planned will happen. Their future college is to go to KU and of course Abbie dear is a KU fan. So everything fits perfectly for them. KB has changed a lot becuz of Abbie dear, she learned more things and it was fun. Without Abbie dear, KB will still be the girl who does not know anything and is very anti-social. It was very destiny that both of these girls were brought together again. When they were little they played with each other and some other kids. KB and Abbie were brought back together by destiny and thanks to AC. Both of these girls have been through a lot and they fought through homo people. The times they played poker on myspace by talking smack to stupid people, bashing people on gaia, and correcting losers on youtube. KB and Abbie are both tough chicks and someday they will be united! KB can feel it! KB and Abbie dear will make things happen cuz there is no impossible. Bet! They even did the Abracadabra by BEG dance! lol KB and Abbie dear PWNS it! No matter how ridiculous the outcome was. Not just dance, they both sang songs and yes it failed but both pwns it! The only thing KB was glad is that Abbie dear does not live out of states, becuz it would be hard to visit. Abbie dear lives about 4 hours or so away from KB, so no biggy for them. So if you ever mess with both of these girls, then your in for it! Like someone! *cough cough* Becuz these chicks DON’T GIVE NO SHIT TO NO ONE! ;D So that’s the story of 1 year past by, which does not feel like a year. It felt like more than a year they have known each other. ❤ HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY DAHLING!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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