Random Post. :P

hey guys.

So, my laptop is completely broken, and I’m so bored without it. I am currently using my brother’s. hahah. So this is some information about that. Well, I probably won’t be posting anything anytime soon, until i get a new laptop or whenever I can get a hold on a computer! I’m extremely sorry!! Ahhh, I’m so bored I even do my homework now. xD Hmm, Well on a news update, check out Hyunah’s MV Teaser, former member of the Wonder Girl’s current member of 4minute? Correct me if I’m wrong, but also BEAST’s JoonHyung is featured in this song! YAYY! Can’t wait for some more BEAST! 🙂

The water looks so cool in this Teaser, can’t wait for some JoonHyung ;D

The directors must have super rushed to get this music video done with Yubin. I never really got into HyunAh, honestly I didn’t really get into kpop at the time. So, Yubin was all I really knew, and Yubin is pretty awesome! But so is HyunAh who is still very succesful, she’s worked with AJ (gi kwang from beast!) and MBLAQ (she’s the female “oh yeah”s)! Might I say for my self, but she is super lucky! :3 LOL, tell me is such a cute song, but I fail at this dance! XD


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