Kay-Bee’s 1st day of second semester

Hello minna-san! How was my day? Umm let’s see my day was fine, and about my day at school? Uhh well let’s see, my first day is still the same shid as ever. I really don’t like some of my class, but my 2nd hour and lunch hour was the best soo far. lol Why? I have my friend Amy in my 2nd hour and lunch hour is all my homies. ;D I don’t really care, because you have to go through hard times to make it in life. Yes it is reality and you have to deal with it. Today was my Even day at school and yappadi, I really don’t like my even class at all. My classes are soo switched, because of my damn electives!. -_- Oh well in August imma be a Senior so no biggy. 😀 Even though you have been surrounded by idiots for the past 3 years of course you can deal with it.

My schedule for Even day class?

2nd – Recreational Sports (Amy’s in it ;D)

4th – Windows Application (very homo if it wasn’t for college dual class I wouldn’t take it)

6th – English III (I wish it was 8th hour with Amy -_-)

8th – U.S History (I rather have it 1st hour, dumb shiddy ppl in that class!!)

Well that’s my class, but let’s see what I have for tomorrow? My schedule has totally changed ever since my electives changed. Oh well I can live with it I guess. XD

When I was in school, all I can think of is 2PM. haha Yes, I’ve become soo addicted to them now, thanks to the mv Heartbeat. I’m soo behind on them, I mean I’ve heard of them I just didn’t like them at first until their song came out. Then yesterday I was watching 2PM in the Idol Show. lol My new guys are Nichkhun, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung ❤ Typical me *keke* ;D Seeing and hearing them has made my day! hehe So I”m just gonna share only Nichkhun’s pic!

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


2 thoughts on “Kay-Bee’s 1st day of second semester

  1. woOw 2pm I’m watching it every day there aaaaaaaa
    so kawaaaaaaai ❤ I can't live with out them … and sooo funny I was
    like lol when I start watching them they rock ^_^

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