010510<3 / New Semester ! Abbie’s 1st!

Happy Birthday Yoseob! NULSARANGHAE! ❤

that’s right , that’s right! today is My BOO’s birhtday! 20 years of age, (korean age) and it feels as if he has barely just become a teenager!! Ahh, they grow up so fast, am I right?! If only he was 16, Then I could marry him! :3 HAHAHAHA. I wish. Today, was probably the most best day of school ever! Because I kept thinking, “AHHH, It’s OPPA’S BIRTHDAY!” I’m sure my friend’s could tell too! And to think I almost forgot! :33 I just couldn’t wait to get out of wrestling practice, get home, eat, and blog about my dearest!!! And at the moment, KB is trying to talk to me on msn. this inpatient hoe. -_-  *checks to see what she’s saying ‘something about the secret life’* ANYWAYS. Check out some stuff, to celebrate Yoseob’s birthday, ne?!

Pre- Debut, Ahhh, Yoseob with black hair ❤ is almost just as dreamy as him being blonde. And this song. Ahh, it just makes your heart melt ne?! Not to mention the scenery, the dark lights, super romantic? He totally sang this song just for me. 😉 (just let me think this ! AHAHAHA!) He’s allll  MINE! ❤

The New Semester…

Is starting off amazing, I know everyone in all my classes, and my lunch is great ! I’m just thinking about switching out of my 4th hour, there’s way too many people in that class ! And this damn hoe, (one of my best friends) is in like ALL of my classes, and we started off having NO CLASSES TOGETHER WHATSOEVER ! AHAHA, 6th hour is the class I think im gonna enjoy most. Foods & Nutritions ! XD ahahhaah.

My schedule ;

1 ; Math (such a small class)

2 ; Pre – AP English (I sit far away from everyone ! -_-)

3 ; Keyboarding (kinda gay…)

4 ; P.E (Way too crowded.)

5 ; Chemistry (totally boring TEACHER.)

6 ; FOODS & NUTRITIONS !!!!! (YUMMM! ;))

7 ; World History (cool people, cool teacher, this should be an interesting year.)

Thanks for reading! Let’s all wish Yoseob Oppa, a wonderful and Happy day! (even tho it’s ending)

I Hope you enjoyed my first blog!! (on this site) ahahah!! Trust me, once wrestling season is over, you’ll be hearing from me more often! bye bye!!

_ Abbie N. P ; 010510


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