Who is your Romeo? ;D

You know what I’ve been waiting for? ROMEO AND JULIET song by Hey! Say! JUMP. When I heard it came out today, well it was on School Kakumei. I was VERY HYPER! Even while watching it and after it, the video and song made me smile non-stop! I love it! It’s soo cheerful and ADORABLE!! (Even though Inoo wasn’t in there…. =_=) I love it! Why? Well my two Romeos are in the beginning, saying “Bokura wa Romeo” Of course! Yamachan and Daichan, DAISUKI! lol okie fan moment…I just adore them!! It makes me fall in love with them 100 million times over again! hehe So here is the song, DO PLEASE ENJOY! It will sure make you smile happily! Because this totally made my day! XD

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D




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