Kay-Bee’s non-homework or study days!

Ahnyeseo Kay-Bee imida! How are you guys? Well to start off with my story, I know I haven’t been posting anything lately. Reason, was because I had final and exams going on during that week. I’m just relief that I accomplished those things. Now it’s not time to relax just yet! I still need to study for the ACT exam. I sure do hope to pass that, because there is no turning back but to do your very best. *sigh* I sure hope for a summer break again. Winter is sooo not my weather, I really hate the coldness. I mean I like snow just hate how it’s really cold and freezing, not to mention I have to scrap out the frost off my windshield before going to school. Such a total drag man! (T_T) I’m just glad I don’t have to that anymore, because right now I’m on X-mas break! WOOO HOOO! Something I’ve been longing for since school started. lol Just kidding, I mean since the beginning of winter. I love hot weathers, that time I was playing tennis with my friends and we had a great times working hard and what not. Good times good times. Hot weathers I don’t mind as long I find a cool place to chill while sitting around under the heat. Cold weather, you have to find shelter and heat, sheesh! The only thing I like about winter is the Christmas Event that is happening. I find Christmas day more likely a romantic day for couples to go out and confess to each other and also have fund with your best friends! Well I’m just saying that because I think that would sound very fun to do.

Speaking of friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve last talk to Abbie dear. (=_=) She hasn’t been on, well of course Wrestling. Soo boring but I’ve managed. lol Yesterday I was spending my whole day watching this Korean Drama called “Sad Love Story” It’s very SAD!!!!!!!! I love it but it’s sooo SAD!!!!! It took me like 3 days to finish it! haha Since there was 20 episodes in 8 discs. I enjoyed my day watching and balling! (>.<) lol Good times. On the first day, I’ve watched 10 episodes. On the second day which was yesterday, after coming back home from school at 9:45am, I watched the drama right away until 2am. teehee *sweat drop* I’m soo addicted to dramas. Ever since no one gets on msn, I spend my time on watching dramas and anime, because I found a whole lot. XD Well at least it keeps me occupied, which I’m very glad I have something to do now if anyone is not on. haha

Okie next news I’ve been hearing is that Hey! Say! JUMP will be perform a song called “Romeo and Juliet”. ahh How I’ve longed for a song like that, because I’m a very huge fan of Romeo and Juliet story, I’ve also wanted a book about them for X-mas. ;D I love reading Romeo and Juliet in school not to mention my favorite quote, “Romeo, Oh Romeo, wherefore thou Romeo?” lol and in Japanese phrase, “Romeo, Oh Romeo, doushite anata wa Romeo nano?” hehe I got that from the drama “Shokojo Seira”, starring Shida Mirai. Shida Mirai is my favorite actress of course! haha Also Hey! Say! JUMP will be performing a Christmas song medley at the Music Station on X-mas day, I’m sooo looking forward for that! 😀

Ahhh sooo nostalgic! I suddenly found this old video of Yuto, Ryutaro, and Yamachan Medley video. I really miss the baby them. *sigh* Babies grow up too fast, especially my dear Yamachan. ❤ Watching this makes me go back in the days why I fell in love with him. hehehe He is such a total baby. ;D So here, I would like to share it with you if you have not watched it! So do please enjoy! 😀

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


RyosukeMoonLight at Youtube


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