Seung Ri’s 19th Birthday!

Everyone! Today, well erhh yesterday as you can say, is my PANDA’S B-DAY!! By Panda, I mean Seung Ri! ❤ He is 19 years old and two years older than me. I’ve always thought he was like in his 20’s but the he is also younger than Hikaru and and the other guys which I’m really surprise as well as Daichan. lol So anyways I’ve wanted to celebrate and wish Seung Ri the greatest birthday he’ll ever have! From the love his fans, friends, and family, he will receive a lot of love and wishes. For being the maknae of the group he will always be the Panda he’ll ever be no matter how silly he is. What I’m really disappointed is that there is a few videos of Seung Ri’s birthday, if I wasn’t soo busy I would’ve make a very SPECIAL birthday video of him. So oh well, I’ll just go with my rants about how I love Seung Ri.

The story of how Kay-Bee started loving Seung Ri of Big Bang! Seung Ri’s name is Lee Seung Hyun, his stage name is Seung Ri which means Victory, and speaking of another nickname is V.I haha very self explanatory. Seung Ri is the youngest of the group, notice how he doesn’t do any beer CF’s with the other members because they are in their 20’s and Seung Ri is still the baby. I love it! Seung Ri is always been teased by G-Dragon, and yes they are totally like brothers. Even so, G-D is very cruel to Seung Ri because he’s the youngest. lol I say the reason I fell more in love with Seung Ri, was watching Manwon Happiness where Seung Ri vs Yoona from SNSD. The game show was really cruel but very funny and cute. I got to see more of Seung Ri’s cuteness and the other members too. Seung Ri lost the game because of the money was spent more than Yonna and who’s fault was that? (T_T)… lol it was G-D for being soo cruel to poor maknae, it was a fair game anyways. My favorite part was when Seung Ri volunteer working at a grocery store and cafe,  in order to save his Manwon coins that was given to the competitors before the competition began. Not just that part but I love the part where he goes waking up the members from their slumber! LMAO How all of them go wake up G-D it was HILARIOUS! Well there was SNSD part I liked it but I love Big Bang’s scene more because it’s really CUTE and ADORABLE! I’ve been watching too many videos of Big Bang and I came to love them more and more. Seung Ri is still the awesome panda! lol How he go the name “Panda”? hehe The name came from G-D because of his dark circles and so the rest of the members end up calling him that. I think that names fit him great! When Seung Ri was given that name, every time I see a panda, I’ve always think of Seung Ri and it just cracks me up. Panda’s are just too adorable! (>.<) I love how chubby and adorable they are!

Speaking of pandas, I went to my lil’s sis orchestra concert which was boring, I checked out the book fair that was there, and I bought a KAWAII Panda pen! lol Well the pen said “Kawaii” and it had a panda on it. I bought two of them because, I wanted to give one to PB for Christmas! PB is really a big fan of PANDAS. She loved them since she was a baby, and not to mention she has a bunch of panda dolls. lol I really adore these bears they are soo ASIAN and cute!

This year,  Seung Ri debuted a song called “Strong Baby”. It’s really sexy but the thing I hated was the girls in the video. I still hold a grudge on them. *evil laugh* Anyways, when I saw Seung Ri in the video, I was like O_O……..He’ is EFFIN SEXY!!!! He has such a hott body! lol The fact why I hate those girls when they were up on him and shiz! I really wanted to murder them all! lol The song was totally sexy, then again he was 18 when he did the video….He’s STILL A BABY DAMN IT! *sigh* Oh well that’s how life is, you can’t always have what you wanted.

So SEUNG RI!! HAVE A GREAT 19th BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday!! OTANJOUBI OMAEDETOU!! Sarangheyo Seung Ri shi! ❤

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


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