Kay-Bee’s Snow Day….

Hello there everyone, well as you can see today was a snow day for me. Last night I felt soo dumb I stayed up all night doing chemistry homework and it was a LONG problem worksheet which only has 3 pages with front and back. It was like HELL!! I thought I would finish it by 1:00am, but apparently not. By the time it was 2:00am, I didn’t finish the last page, geez chemistry maybe challenging but man do I hate HOMEWORK! The good part was that I had a SNOW DAY, and which means I had the advantages of finishing homework that has to be done. Next week will also be finals and I’m soo looking forward for my Christmas Break! School can be very stressing but man does working hard to achieve your goal takes a huge challenge. I never knew that Junior year can be this challenging, I really wanted to relax my brain, it’s been working and working all day because of school. I’m still working hard to achieve what I want to accomplish!
Well that’s it for today folks!

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


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