Kay-Bee’s day at school….

Hey Everyone! It’s Kay-Bee again! Okay today was very exhausting, because today is a MAKE-UP day in school. Since I do not have any missing work, I’ve always questioned myself, “Why am I wasting my time here if I do not have any work to do?” So all day I’ve been sitting in class, reading a book or listening to my I-pod. Sumanai desu ne! I ‘ve always wanted to go home, but then again being home with my family is mendoksai! (=_=) I rather be home by myself! Especially staying home with my dad. Geez…he annoys me the most! Why is it that I get the blame and not my little brother and sister? When ever I try to show my accomplishment to my parents, they just act like it’s a normal thing, which is NOT. It’s another story if it was my little brother and sister, they praise and are proud of them. Then again I’ve always questioned myself this, “Am I adoopted or part of this family?” *sigh* Now I”m used to it, I hardly speak to my dad unless it’s an errand or permission to ask. My family has a very weird relationship as you can say. No one shows love to anyone in my family…So I’ve been raised of not knowing how to hug or love anyone, but that’s why I have teachers or friends for that. lol But family love is really awkward for me…we don’t really intend showing it. So I’m just going to leave it that way.

I’m just enjoying my life while I can. The thing that inspired me the most is my loving friends at school and my very favorite cousin, PB, and my damn hoes, Abbiedear, Ac and Mikey. Of course PB cheers me up and Abbiedear is such a hilarious person. Ac he can be very dumb but he is very funny! Mikey of course can be a very weird and nerdy Asian but he is fun to talk to as you can say. I enjoy of having these people in my life and talk to.

So Today I have  to go film my little sister’s orchestra concert….Something like that is such a pain int he you know what geez….I just hope that tomorrow I can relax, because of my high school does not have school, because of Senior Project. So I’m SIBLING FREE!! Yata ne!! I love to enjoy my relaxation alone. hehe Well that is it for today minna-san unless I have more news to tell you! Mata-ne! 😀

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


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