Hikaru’s 19th Birthday! Otanjou Omaedetou!

Hey there everyone! Kay-Bee desu! Today I would like to let you know that today is Hikaru Yaotome’s 19th Birthday! This silly boy is growing up to be a handsome and loving man. I still think he is still a baby which he will be forever. Over the summer Abbiedear and I was watching Kinpachi Sensei season 7 with Yabu and Hikaru starring in it. In Kinpachi Sensei, Hikaru is the main character who have been through soo much pain and suffering. The drama was very SAD and it will make you tear up like a waterfall. Even though Hikaru was a very adorable little boy, he will make you cry BIG TIME! When you see Hikaru smile, it makes you want to hug him really tight and pinch his cheeks. What really surprises me that Hikaru is usually the goofy funny kid in reality shows, but in this drama he’s a very serious and mature type of kid. haha I really adore Hikaru for his great acting skills. So those who haven’t seen Kinpachi Sensei season 7…YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!! Even though the drama does not come with ENGLISH SUB grrr it’s like hell but I really enjoy watching it by using context clues. XD

Next, I remember watching Hikaru in Ya-Ya-Yah!, now this will make you go “AWWWIE”, Hikaru will capture your heart by not only his cuteness but his sillyness. I love how Hikaru acts very goofy and it brings out his great personality. He is really a natural for funny acts, it’s like now wonder Hey! Say! JUMP member nominate him the comedian dude. I just can’t beleive he is 19 years old.  *sigh* I’m still wishing him a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


ryuchan14kawaii at Youtube

NahyFrk at Youtube


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