Chinen’s 16th Birthday! Otanjoubi Omaedetou!

Okay as you can see today is Yuuri Chinen’s Birthday! So to start off.. let’s describe who Yuuri Chinen is. Chinen is the shortest out of Hey! Say! JUMP. Do not mistaken him as the youngest because Ryutaro is the youngest but he does not look like it. lol Before Chinen’s voice started to change during the summer, he was known as the soprano out of the group hard to believe, I use to think he sounded like a girl. It doesn’t really matter it’s good to have Chinen in the group. He is the cheerful, little brother type, oh don’t forget his not soo innocent type. haha Like from the purposal video on School Kakumei. In the trio of Yamachan and Yuto he is their little brother and Yuto is the older brother for some reason and Yamachan is the 2nd oldest. Which reminds me Yamachan is the oldest out of those trio, I think Yuto is taller that’s why he claims that position. Anyways, from the videos I’ve seen Chinen loves to sit on peoples laps and also play with Yabu’s sell phone. Why? Yabu’s phone is the sliding kind and Chinen can’t help but to play with it. Also don’t forget Chinen’s dad was the acrobatic in the olympics which is amazing, Chinen says he does not follow the footsteps of his father and he also teached him self acrobatic since was 3 years old, I think. Chinen learned acrobatic because he saw boys in Johnny’s performing with acrobatic and he wanted to do so. Correct me if I’m wrong okie, haha. My little sister is a fan of Yuuri Chinen and she calls him Chiken? uhh Don’t ask, but that’s her nickname for him. lol Today I want to congratulate Chinen for his turning of 16 years old. I hope he has the best birthday he has and enjoy his youth! Happy 16th Bithday Chinen!

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


lilmsroxon at Youtube


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