Happy Thanksgiving minna-san!

Hello everyone it’s me Kay-Bee again! Abbie dear is very busy so please forgive her! She has been doing school activities things so if your wondering why she hasn’t been blogging then that answers your question. Trust she is a very awesome blogger! hehe

Okie let’s start off by talking about this special day for us.  Hmm Turkey Day….what shall we do on Turkey Day? Well we are thankful for the food we recieve and appreciate by eating them. Ne? Ne? What do you guys do on Thanksgiving? Do you guys eat something different other than eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day? This year my family is doing a little of someting unusual, well since my family is Laos of course. This year we are gonna go eat at a friends house, let’s see the adults are thinking of making “lahb gah hawk”  (well I guess that’s how u pronounciate it) but anways it’s a Squirrel meat cuisine that I think is kind of interesting but I’m not eating that. Also along with laghb ga hah hawk, we are having “lahb tao” which is a Spinach cuisine. I like that better than eating Squirrel lol *sweat drop* My Aunt who lives 1 hr from where I live is coming down for Thanksgiving and she is gonna make stir fried shrimp! YA HOO! I love seafood and it’s my number 1 favorite food in the whole world. I love squid, mussels, clams, oysters, fish, and shrimps. What can I say? I love SEAFOOD! I know it’s a little odd how we are celebrating “Turkey Day” without the turkey itself. haha

Anyways today is also my dearest cousin’s Birthday! I would love to give a special shout to her for being the AWESOME best cousin/friend in the world! lol I hope she is having a great Thanksgiving and B-DAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST COUSIN! (^-^)

The best thing about thanksgiving is the after day which is “Black Friday”. I have never been to any Black Friday, so this year me and my friend are gonna go to it and experience ourselves. lol I hope we don’t get murder or trample! (>.<) Our plan is to wake up early and go to Target and go find some good shiz! I really want to see why people is soo greedy on shopping things, but then again I know why. lol I want to go buy something that is useful like a 64gb I-touch. Damn it I want a new I-pod! Oh well Imma work hard on saving and earning money the fair way. All fairs in game as you can say. XD

So anways, I hope everyone will be enjoying their Thanksgiving break and please don’t get too fat like a turkey! lol JUST KIDDING! The hell with fat! It’s THANKSGIVING damn it! Enjoy your food while it is given with a bunch of varieties! Gobble Gobble! hehe

Kay-Bee deshita! ;D


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