First Blog! Missing Hey! Say! JUMP

Hello everyone! Kay-Bee here! So let’s see I’m going to start of by posting a video of what I found this morning. I remember how we all been asking, “WHERE IS OUR HEY! SAY JUMP!?!??!” haha The good thing is that I found them and there they are! hehehe  We really miss these adorable babies! I’m so glad to find update about them, I thank the people who found them.

So anyways here is a clip of Hey! Say! JUMP’s Tengoku message, man do they look soo adorable being emotional! Awwie Yamachan is such a cute emotional guy, it just makes you want to hug him ne? lol I really do miss these guys and these videos just make my day!

Next is Hey! Say! JUMP First Photobook. Now this had made my day! I love how everyone says their “I love you”, in different ways. Too ADORABLE! Seeing all ten of them bein silly again it’s soo KAWAII! Of course at the end those guys would act silly and try to be cool. Silly boys ne? lol Also something Hikaru would do…is run around!! It makes you love them more ne?? Well I hope you enjoy reading! Arigotou Gozaimasu!

rainxsnow & sunkids0509 at Youtube


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